No summer fun for roddy!

We finally collected Roddy from Morecambe and Wize at the start of July. Overall first impressions were great – the van looked fantastic in Bermuda blue with its gold/silver alloys and tan interior. 

Roddy’s first trip was for Leafletfrog Designer Neil’s Wedding with Production Manager Mark doing the driving. On the day the heavens opened up and Roddy managed to get to the church on time even though all the windows were misted over caused by the huge downpour. 

Once back at Leafletfrog Roddy was treated to some vintage style signage ready to spend the weekend at Kendal Calling. Unfortunately, Roddy only got as far as the M62 before losing all power and breaking down on the motorway in rush hour traffic. Breakdown services were called and Roddy was loaded onto a low loader and delivered back to Leafletfrog to spend the weekend parked up in the car park.

Roddy was sent to Manchester Aircooled and the inspection found there was no spark and Roddy’s new distributor had failed. Another one was ordered and Roddy was up and running again. We also decided to fit a new fuel tank as they were now available from VW Heritage.

So now back on the road to with the minor issues solved.


Outside Done - Just the Inside To Go!

Roddy's Engine Has Arrived!

Roddy's Campervan Pic Update...

Roddy - Painted and ready for parts!

Roddy Campervan looks fantastic now its back from the paint shop with its L539 Bermuda Blue body and grey roof and dash.  Sorry the photos below don’t do the paintwork any justice.  This means now that all the parts that we have collected over the last 6 months are now ready to be fitted to Roddy.

It also means that now is the time to order Roddy’s engine.  We have decided to go for a 1776cc engine with Twin Dellorto 36 DRLA carbs as this should provide enough power to keep Roddy up with other traffic on our roads.  To this spec we are adding a freeflow oil kit to make sure the engine oil stays nice and cool.



Whilst the engine is being built Morecambe & Wize will build Roddy in the following order:

Stage 1

  1. Apply Soundproofing to the interior.  We have done for Dodo Dead Matt & Dead Matt Duo from
  2. Bolt on the Red9Design front suspension and Disc brake kit -
  3. Convert the rear drum brakes to Red9Design Discs -
  4. Fit the indirect brake servo and ATE master cylinder
  5. Bolt on the adjustable Spring Plates and rear Spax dampers
  6. Set the road height.  We are not planning to go to low but do want to lose a couple of inches of road height.

By the time the above has been done the engine should be have been delivered to fit.

We will keep this blog updated with pictures and reviews of the build. (The bermuda blue looks more like the picture of the roof close up than the front pictures!)

Roddy - Stripped and Ready to Paint!

Mark and his team at Morecambe & Wize have been busy getting Roddy into shape.
The last few weeks have involved stripping Roddy so that he can be soda blasted to bare metal to see what shape his body is in.
Overall, the news was good with a pretty solid body with just a few small areas to be repaired.
M&W have replaced the front panel (which was dented) and the driver’s door skin.
The next two weeks will be spent getting his sanding & filling his body to make it defect free ready for painting L539 Bermuda Blue.

Bermuda Blue, Strato Blue…

12th May 2015

Final decision made – Roddy is going to be painted Bermuda Blue. Although on second thoughts maybe Fjord Blue looks better...?! Yes lets go for Fjord Blue but then again Bermuda Blue with the Speedmaster wheels looks fantastic...

As you can see it has been very difficult to decide on the final colour to spray Roddy. So our final final decision is……… L539 Bermuda Blue which was used as a factory colour in 1968.

Of course, once the body colour is chosen then what colour do we trim the interior? After trawling the interweb for days and days we have decided to go for tan interior (Cognac) with grey piping, which will tie in nicely with the grey gloss furniture.

The pressure is on!

April 2015

Mark at Morecambe & Wize gave us a deadline of 7 April to finalise the spec for Roddy.  So the past 2 weeks have been spent making decisions and ordering parts, which has been both fun and confusing!  Hours and hours have been spent surfing the web reading reviews / forums on upgrades and what other VW Earlybay owners have done to their vans.  

The hardest part has definitely been choosing what colour to paint Roddy.  We have (we think) narrowed the colour down to blue thanks to and

To help choose the final colour Mark is getting us some paint swatches of:

L364 - Strato Blue/Strato Blau

L434 - Fjord Blue/Fjordblau

L364 - Strato Blue/Strato Blau

L539 - Bermuda Blue

Of course once the bodywork colour is chosen, we then need to decide what colour to paint the roof – the same colour as the body or a contrasting colour? – and whether to go for painted or stainless steel bumpers.  The one thing that was an easy decision was to buy Speedmaster 15" wide fit alloy wheels which will look great on Roddy and were delivered last week.


The other easy decision, after reading great reviews was to order front Twin Wishbone Coilover Suspension from Red9Design which to be delivered in about 6 weeks. Combined with Creative Engineering Adjustable Spring Plates, this will mean that we will be able to lower Roddy a few inches and ensure that he is lovely to drive.

This week will be spent on finalising spec (sorry Mark - a bit late considering the 7th April deadline)... brakes, engine spec, electrics... where's my iPad?!!!

What do we think of Roddy so far?

30th March 2015

Roddy campervan has finally arrived in Sunny Morecambe.  On first appearance he seems to be in a good solid shape but all will be revealed when M&W strip him down over the next month and the body goes for Soda Blasting. 

Soda Blasting the body will strip the body back to metal and will highlight any weaknesses or holes/faults which M&W will repair before Roddy is prepared for painting.

Our next task will be to decide on whether to upgrade the running gear (Engine, Gearbox, Suspension, Brakes) so that Roddy will drive as well as he looks. 

Don’t forget to keep sending pictures of your VW campervan to and we'll send you VW prize in return!

Roddy's all at sea - we need your help!

March 2015

Due to the Shipping Strikes on the West Coast of the USA 'Roddy' Campervan is not arriving on the sunny shores of Morecambe until the middle of March.  So that means we have a few more weeks to create our plan of action for it’s restoration. 

While we are waiting, we'd love it if you would email us a picture or your VW Campervan and tell us about any work you have done or are planning to do - from suspension, brakes, interiors, paint colours, etc - for inspiration!

The senders of the first five pictures will receive a VW Camper goody and your picture will be posted on our blog.

Send your pictures to

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