The pressure is on!

April 2015

Mark at Morecambe & Wize gave us a deadline of 7 April to finalise the spec for Roddy.  So the past 2 weeks have been spent making decisions and ordering parts, which has been both fun and confusing!  Hours and hours have been spent surfing the web reading reviews / forums on upgrades and what other VW Earlybay owners have done to their vans.  

The hardest part has definitely been choosing what colour to paint Roddy.  We have (we think) narrowed the colour down to blue thanks to and

To help choose the final colour Mark is getting us some paint swatches of:

L364 - Strato Blue/Strato Blau

L434 - Fjord Blue/Fjordblau

L364 - Strato Blue/Strato Blau

L539 - Bermuda Blue

Of course once the bodywork colour is chosen, we then need to decide what colour to paint the roof – the same colour as the body or a contrasting colour? – and whether to go for painted or stainless steel bumpers.  The one thing that was an easy decision was to buy Speedmaster 15" wide fit alloy wheels which will look great on Roddy and were delivered last week.


The other easy decision, after reading great reviews was to order front Twin Wishbone Coilover Suspension from Red9Design which to be delivered in about 6 weeks. Combined with Creative Engineering Adjustable Spring Plates, this will mean that we will be able to lower Roddy a few inches and ensure that he is lovely to drive.

This week will be spent on finalising spec (sorry Mark - a bit late considering the 7th April deadline)... brakes, engine spec, electrics... where's my iPad?!!!

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