Who’s Roddy?

We often get asked 'who is Roddy'? 

Roddy is the ethos behind Leafletfrog. He makes sure that Leafletfrog delivers on its values of quality printing at low affordable prices. 

Roddy ensures that every leaflet we print meets his high standards and his influence can be seen throughout the processes we use to print your leaflets. 

He makes sure that our Customer Service Team have the knowledge and skills to answer your questions efficiently. He makes sure our litho printing presses are printing up to half a million leaflets on environmentally friendly paper with vegetable based inks every night. He makes sure that we accurately trim up to half a million leaflets every day so they are ready for DPD courier collection at 5pm. 

And when (very occasionally) we fail to deliver on his quality standards, Roddy makes sure that we resolve the issues quickly and effectively because we value each and every customer.

So no matter what you may be told – Roddy is not 'just the frog on the website'!

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