Roddy's Friends: FujiFilm

Leafletfrog use Fuji Film printing plates, a product first developed by Fuji Film in 1996, however the company produced it first plate making film long before this in 1934.

Perhaps best known to the general population for photography products, did you know that Fuji Film have produced a whole range of innovations such as...

Motion picture film (1934)
X-ray film (1936)
• Colour negative film (1958)
• Non-carbon paper (1963)
• Videotapes for broadcasting (1963)
• PS plates (for offset printing) (1965)
• Tapes for computers (1965)
• High-speed colour negative film (1976)
• Digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system (1983)
• Floppy disks (1984)
QuickSnap, the world's first one-time-use recyclable camera (1986)
• Digital endoscope system (1999)
• Skin care cosmetics (2006)
• Antibacterial, antivirus, multi-function biofilter (2008)

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