Hot dog, jumping frog, Glastonbury

I’m sure it will come as no shock to many of you to learn that I am not particularly partial to summer. I much prefer – as the great influential leader, Moz, once sang – spending warm summer days indoors. However, this is not because I enjoy composing rhyming couplets for the orthodontically challenged maidens of the Benelux. Being an amphibian sort of chap, the dry heat plays havoc with my skin, so I find it’s a great opportunity to spend some time thinking of great new offers for customers, like this week’s fantastic deal of 2500 x A5 full colour leaflets for only £44.

As you can imagine, being a frog, I much prefer a good downpour to anything too scorchio, so I’ve been catching up with the comings and goings at Glastonbury over the weekend. Glastonbury is fantastic if you’re a frog because it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll see rain. What isn’t usually guaranteed is that you’ll see a great influential leader. Not Morrissey this time, but the Dalai Lama, who visited Glastonbury on Sunday, to talk about the importance of happiness (rather than the cost of the cheeseburgers) and introduce the great and influential Lionel Richie, who stole the show with hit after sing-a-long hit. It struck me that Lionel and Leafletfrog have something in common. Yes, Leafletfrog and Lionel both begin with the same letter so we have alliteration in common, but we both work all night long. So if you order 1 or 2 sided leaflets by 12 noon and approve your PDF proof by 5pm, our 24-hour printing means that your order will be despatched next day. Now that’s worth singing about! Just email for more details, and to tell me your favourite Lionel – or Morrissey – song (I don’t think the Dalai Lama sings but if he did …….).

So, whatever makes you happy, make sure you do more of it this week. I’ll be busy being a great influential leader here at Leafletfrog - printing orders, checking quality, and sending out orders, as well as keeping out of the sun and thinking of more top offers. That what makes me happy. Happy Monday everyone!

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