Roddy ready to paint

Roddy Campervan looks fantastic now its back from the paint shop with its L539 Bermuda Blue body and grey roof and dash. Sorry the photos below don’t do the paintwork any justice. This means now that all the parts that we have collected over the last 6 months are now ready to be fitted to Roddy.

It also means that now is the time to order Roddy’s engine. We have decided to go for a 1776cc engine with Twin Dellorto 36 DRLA carbs as this should provide enough power to keep Roddy up with other traffic on our roads. To this spec we are adding a freeflow oil kit to make sure the engine oil stays nice and cool.



Whilst the engine is being built Morecambe & Wize will build Roddy in the following order:

Stage 1

  1. Apply Soundproofing to the interior. We have done for Dodo Dead Matt & Dead Matt Duo from http://www.deadening.co.uk/collections/dodo-mat
  2. Bolt on the Red9Design front suspension and Disc brake kit - http://www.red9design.com/type1.htm
  3. Convert the rear drum brakes to Red9Design Discs - http://www.red9design.com/wheeladaptors.htm
  4. Fit the indirect brake servo and ATE master cylinder
  5. Bolt on the adjustable Spring Plates and rear Spax dampers
  6. Set the road height. We are not planning to go to low but do want to lose a couple of inches of road height.

By the time the above has been done the engine should be have been delivered to fit.

We will keep this blog updated with pictures and reviews of the build. (The bermuda blue looks more like the picture of the roof close up than the front pictures!)