Here in the Leafletfrog offices, we can hardly contain our excitement now that GBBO is back on our screens each week. To celebrate, and also to give us all an excuse to pig out each week, we’ve decided to have a ‘Roddy Great Bake Off’ of our own.

Each week, one lucky team member will be chosen to showcase their baking talents, and I’ll post a picture of them – and their bake – on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We’ll be adding the posts every Thursday so make sure you watch out for them as they could be spectacular (or they may be spectacularly hilarious).

This week was cake week so I decided to volunteer first. As I need to keep an eye on my figure, I decided against attempting a heartstopper challenge of a cream-filled, chocolatey Black Forest Gateau, and instead decided to try a slightly healthier option of a Madeira cake.

Judge for yourself, but I think I’d better stick to folding leaflets and beating prices! Get ready for the challenge of biscuit week next week – I’m sure it will be bake-tastic for one of the Roddy team!

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