Roddy's Gluten Free Scones

There was a distinct lack of volunteers for this week’s “alternative ingredients” week. Alternative music? Yes. Alternative comedy? Yes. But alternative ingredients? The whole concept caused complete confusion and, I’m shocked to say, panic in the offices, with a lot of muttering and tutting.

So it was up to me (Roddy) to save the day. Perhaps I’m just a “gluten” for punishment!

Anyway, the heat was on, so I attempted scones … but WITHOUT ANY SUGAR. I’d planned on using fruit to sweeten them, but decided against that because I don’t like fruit scones. The finished scones looked OK, but there was no sweet smell – or taste – of success. The finished scones were disappointingly bland and tasteless. That was, of course, until I spooned a generous amount of jam on them, which goes to prove the old saying, “cane sugar just can’t be beet”.

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