Julie's Frangipane

Sep 09 2015

It was over to Julie (Print Finisher Extraordinaire) for Pastry Week on the Roddy Great Bake Off.

As the day of the bake approached, the offices became unusually subdued and quiet. It was odd. People were just getting on with their work. Quietly. In an orderly fashion. There was no singing, gossip or chatter. And definitely no dancing around. After a bit of investigation though, it turned out that everyone was scared stiff about inadvertently mentioning ‘soggy bottoms’ in case they caused offence (or, more likely, got a slap round the chops). Thankfully, there was not a soggy bottom in sight. We shouldn’t have worried - as with a good puff pastry, Julie has many layers.

As well as folding, stitching, cutting and laminating all the print here at LeafletFrog, she makes a mean chocolate cake, she’s a professional pianist and, as we now know, makes perfect pastry!

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