We are not amused!


Talk about putting the cat among the pigeons! As soon as I mentioned that it was Victorian week on Bake-off, and that perhaps a nice ‘game pie’ would be in order for the Roddy Great Bake Off, there was compete pandemonium. It appears that said pandemonium was because the Leafletfrog offices are not in an area exactly well known for its game. Now, on the other hand, talking of cats and pigeons, they are always in plentiful supply (although I hasten to add that they should be left free and not put into pies), but there’s not a lot of grouse, deer or pheasant in the great metropolis of Bolton.

Everyone was very relieved when Debs in customer services came up with a solution that kept everyone happy – and guaranteed the safety of the local wildlife population – by offering to make chicken pie.

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