It’s the penultimate week of the Roddy Great Bake Off and the tension is getting unbearable. It’s chocolate week. As any chef will tell you, chocolate can be challenging to cook with. It doesn’t like it too hot or too cold, and it can very quickly become impossible to work with. Come to think about it, that does sound rather like several people in the Leafletfrog office – mentioning no names!

One name I will mention is Mark Johnson our Production Manager, who admitted that the last time he did any baking he was a small child helping his grandma. He’s now 44, so you could say it’s better chocoLATE than never! Not wanting to attempt anything too ambitious, Mark made chocolate crispy cakes for this week’s Bake Off.  Mark used to race in Formula 1 until a nasty accident cut short any hopes of a life as a millionaire playboy racing driver. I think that racings loss is our gain, and you could say that at Leafletfrog, Mark’s ‘Livin’ la vida cocoa’!

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