Fill your buns!

Oct 05 2015

As the Great British Bake Off and the Roddy Great Bake Off both draw to a nail-biting conclusion next week, we’ve got something really exciting planned for the grand final of our very own Roddy Great Bake Off.

I’m inviting all the Roddy bakers to enter the grand final competition, and the winning baker will walk away (well, strictly speaking, they’ll be walking back to their desk) with a fantastic prize. All the bakers need to do is to make 6 filled iced buns. Sounds simple, doesn’t it! Who will rise to the challenge? Whose bottom will be soggy? Who will show that they have the buns of steel to succeed? The bakes need to be brought in by 11am on 7 October, and our very own “Paul” and “Mary” will be on hand to do the judging.

We’ll be posting pictures of the bakes and the judging, so get ready for an exciting week!

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