Flyers and Leaflets

What are flyers or leaflets?

Flyers/Leaflets are a great way to get your message across to all your potential customers or anyone who may be interested in your services/event or product. They can be as plain or as complicated as you like, but making the information clear and legible is very important.

Here at leafletfrog, our leaflets start from as little as £18, with quantities going up to 100,000.

What's the difference between flyers and leaflets?

Here at leafletfrog, we don't distinguish between the two. Some people like to say that flyers are always flat and leaflets are folded.  But we like to be more inclusive than that, so we'll happily call them either, whichever you prefer!

Is there any VAT on flyers/leaflets?

Being designed as a throwaway marketing material, the VAT rate is zero on printed flyers and leaflets.
(Technically there is VAT on them it's just the rate of it is 0%)

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