We're open for business!

We’re open and taking print orders.

With the current uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic we have taken steps in our factory and offices to try and mitigate any downtime or business interruption to keep provide the great service and products we always have done.

We’ve split all staff into 2 teams who work completely different day patterns in the building so currently they won’t see each other at all until further notice- we have split skillsets so all production and customer services is covered – so we will be operating as normal.

We’ve also provided hand sanitisers and cleaning sprays to all staff to wipe down their work areas and keep as clean as possible whilst in work.

We will also be implementing some working from home where appropriate, but as a manufacturing business this is not possible for most staff.

We hope all our customers and staff remain healthy during these challenging times, so please look after yourselves and each other.