Creating Leaflets in Microsoft Powerpoint

If you are struggling to create a leaflet/flyer or poster in Word or Powerpoint then we would highly recommend you try out, a great online design tool - best of all it's FREE! For more information click here.

Instructions for creating the correct type of artwork using Microsoft Powerpoint

Although I would never recommend using Word/Powerpoint to create leaflets, sometimes it is the only software customers own or know how to use, and is therefore the only option.

When creating any leaflet, in any package, the below instructions should be followed, to get the final print you're looking for -

bleed description

As per the above diagram, any page created for commercial printing should be created 3mm larger all the way round than the finished size.

Microsoft Powerpoint

First up, download whichever template is required for your leaflet.  These have 3mm of bleed added on to the normal page size.  They are also oversized, so the A5 template is actually an A4 template.  This has to do with the resolution powerpoint saves at, which is not good enough for commercial printing (220dpi), so that when we reduce them the quality is acceptable.


A4 Portrait leaflet/flyer A4 Landscape leaflet/flyer A5 Portrait leaflet/flyer A5 Landscape leaflet/flyer A6 Portrait leaflet/flyer A6 Landscape leaflet/flyer DL Portrait leaflet/flyer DL Landscape leaflet/flyer
A4 Portrait
A4 Landscape
A5 Portrait
A5 Landscape
A6 Portrait
A6 Landscape
DL Portrait
DL Landscape



All you then need to do is to create your flyer as per the instructions above, and save it as a pdf.   This should be as simple as clicking File, Save As..., .pdf.  Detailed instructions can be found here.

Once you have created your leaflet just place your order and send us your pdf!

Please Note - Powerpoint will only save in RGB colours, before printing we have to convert this to CMYK, so your proof colours may be slightly different.  For more info see here.

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