The ‘frog is green in every way!


Did you know that Leafletfrog’s printing ink is 100% vegetable oil based?

Vegetable oil based inks are derived from soy, palm and other vegetable oils and have a number of benefits to the environment over traditional petroleum based inks...

It’s cost-effective
Vegetable oil based inks don’t cost any more than petroleum based inks

It’s vibrant
The clarity of the oil used in vegetable oil based inks results in a greater depth of colour

It’s long lasting
Vegetable oil based inks have a greater rub-resistance than petroleum-based inks

It’s less polluting
Vegetable-based inks emit far fewer harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment

It's energy efficient
Vegetable-based inks take less energy to produce than petroleum-based inks and come from sustainable resources


Did you know that Leafletfrog's paper is from sustainable sources?

All the paper we print on has come from renewable sources and ensures the rights and fair treatment of those who rely on the forests for their livelihood. All our waste paper is recycled.


Did you know that Leafletfrog's lighting is super energy saving?

In January 2015 we replaced the lights in the factory with Cree Lumiled LED lighting which will reduce our lighting energy consumption by a whopping 76%!

Roddy will continue to ensure that Leafletfrog is looking after both your print and the world around you.