Technical Tuesday No.5: The Paper Plight


We are often asked about paper, so we’ve put together a blog post to answer some of your most commonly asked questions…


What is FSC?

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. The paper we use as our house sheet is certified by FSC as being responsibly sourced. You can find out more about Leafletfrog’s pledge to be green here 


What is silk paper?

Silk paper has a smooth coating which has an attractive, upmarket sheen that gives vibrancy to your print. Examples where silk paper is used are leaflets, flyers, posters, newsletters, programmes, reports, folders and brochures.


Why choose silk paper over gloss paper?

Gloss paper can mark easily as it tends to shows up fingerprints and dust. It is very shiny and reflective, which can make it hard to view printed contents in strong light. It is also difficult to write on with a biro pen. Gloss paper is commonly used for low quality leaflets, flyers and brochures.


135gsm or 300gsm?

Our website offers leaflet printing in a choice of two different paper ‘weights’. The heavier the weight of paper, the thicker and more durable it is. If you are ordering print for a leaflet drop or to hand out at a trade show, you would most likely be happy with 135gsm (please note that our 135gsm is a bulky paper and similar in feel to most 150gsm paper). This is the most commonly ordered paper weight. If you are printing postcards or require your leaflet to feel sturdier or have a longer shelf life, 300gsm is probably the one for you. The 135gsm can be described as paper and the 300gsm is a lightweight card.


Still not sure?

You can request a sample pack by emailing so you can see and feel the difference for yourself.


Why don’t your offer a wider range of paper stocks?

By limiting our stock we can offer the most competitive pricing as we can buy it in bulk and pass on our savings to you.


What if I want to use a different sheet to the ones you are offering?

We are happy to provide you with a bespoke quote on the paper stock you require. Please email us at



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